151 Proof Movies: The Last Days of American Crime Drinking Game

2020… let’s be honest has been a dud of a year.

There’s been little to be thankful for this year. However, even with movie theaters closed since mid-March, we have still somehow been gifted with a film that currently sits at 0% on Rottentomatoes. So on this, the Thanksgiving weekend, we will be giving thanks to The Last Days of American Crime.

But before we pop open our drinks, let’s check out the trailer.

Doesn’t this looks utterly generic?

I hear the signal in the distance, it’s time for The Last Days of American Crime drinking game!

  1. Signal Fire – There’s a way to stop crime in America, all you have to do is use the signal. Our purposes will be less sinister, just take a drink when it plays.
  2. The Last Ocean’s Crew – The best laid plans… for every part of a plan that goes wrong, take a drink.
  3. Family Affairs – Whenever family or loved ones/relationships are mentioned, take a drink.
  4. American Crime Death – Take a drink whenever someone dies in the movie.
  5. Signal Flare – Whenever signal is said or referenced, take a drink.

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