25 Days of Christmas: 151 Proof Movies: The Holiday Classics

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the Tavern here on The Rocks, it has been a long time since we last checked in, but we had an accident last time and are still trying to find all members of our movie crew. However, we have returned with holiday cheer for all. Yes, indeed 151 Proof movies are invading your favorite Christmas classics as we give you some fun and simple rules to improve your movie watching experience.

The Snowflake Rules- Take A Shot/Drink For Each

  1. Every time it snows. This may seem a bit painful for winter movies, but if it has snowed you don’t have to drink, but if it begins to snow you do. And you have to finish your drink, if the snow fall is a “miracle” or “miraculous”
  2. Every time someone slips on ice (granted, this mostly works with Home Alone 2, but still possible)
  3. Every time a reindeer is shown. Take 2 drinks if it is named. Take 3 drinks if someone makes a lame joke and gets the name of the reindeer wrong.
  4. The Santa Clause! Yes, named after a Tim Allen movie, anytime the name Santa is uttered take a drink. Take 2 drinks every time a parent tries to convince their child that its not the real Santa. Take 3 drinks if it actually turns out to be the real Santa.
  5. The Christmas tune, whenever a Christmas song plays take a drink. But only when it plays if it continues for 3-4 minutes you don’t have to drink the entire time, we don’t want people getting sick on our watch.
  6. Trimming the tree. If there is a scene showing a tree getting decorated take a drink.
  7. Jolly. No you say Merry. And if someone is mean enough to say Jolly, and they aren’t a fat dude in a red suit, you are taking a drink!
  8. Tree Toppers, they’ve finished decorating the tree, now it is time to crown it with a Star, take a shot in honor of this moment. However, if someone wants to buck tradition and go with something else take 2 drinks. And if someone decides at the last moment they don’t like the star and want it replaced with something else, punch your screen and take a 5 second sip.

There you have it, simple rules to make even the most classic and warm-hearted Christmas movie just a bit more exciting.

Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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