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Game of The Year Countdown: June 2010

Welcome back, we are reaching the half way mark of our Game of the Year countdown, and this is when the great summer drought begun. For some reason, game publishers assume that since kids are out of school and have a ton of free time they won’t pick up any games so they don’t release any games. While there were some gems in the month, it was pretty dry, good thing we had e3!

Alpha Protocol (PS3/360) 6.4

Sometimes ambition can get the better of you, instead of crafting a truly spectacular game, you end up with a so-so game with a ton of good ideas that aren’t fully realized. That is pretty much Alpha Protocol in a nutshell, lot of good ideas, none go beyond that.

Sin and Punishment 2 (Wii) 8.7

The sequel the world never thought it would see. Really! This is Treasure doing Treasure and is a fantastic game for it… or so people say, no one really bought it sadly.

Green Day: Rock Band (PS3/360/Wii) 7.7

Oh a Rock Band game, not the last we shall see of the franchise this year. And Green Day, fine artists, but do they deserve an entire game?

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP) 8.7

Metal Gear Solid goes portable.. again, and it turns out a gem of a game that included some multi and co-op action.

Tiger Woods PGA 11 (ps3/360/Wii) 8.1

Would you look at that, Tiger Woods did something else this year besides hit on women that weren’t his wife!

Transformers: War for Cybertron (PS3/360) 7.9 (Wii) 7.9

One of the first games I am going to make a clear distinction about the Wii version since it is NOTHING like the HD console version, which was a surprisingly good 3rd person shooter with the Transformers universe, and a pretty cool online mode.

All Points Bulletin (PC) 6.4

The fact that the servers were closed before we finished the year should tell you all you need to know about this game.

LEGO Harry Potter Year 1-4 (PS3/360/Wii) 8.2

The LEGO games are always a solid experience, and the Harry Potter license offers a nice change of pace for the series. A solid game for any age!

Singularity (PS3/360) 7.7

All I know is its a very brown looking shooter, I’m sure it has an interesting premise or hook, but I never saw beyond that.

Ladies and gentlemen that was June 2010, a pretty poor month to be sure. Game of the Month for probably the only time this year goes to the handhelds.

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  1. Chris says:

    Singularity is actually pretty good. The alternate history and time traveling storyline was really cool and it gave me a very Bioshockish type of feel.

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