The Flash: Crazy for You Review

Barry and Caitlin go looking for new love, but only Barry is successful when he meets a sports reporter. Meanwhile, Cisco considers a surprising offer, the team take on a teleporting metahuman, and Henry is injured at Iron Heights.

Caitlin and Barry try to prove they aren’t squares while Cisco plays a dangerous game with the Pied Piper to learn the truth on this week’s The Flash.

  1.  We’ve known The Flash is fast since the first episode, but we learn his reflexes are getting there too. Damn catching that bullet was impressive as heck.
  2. Cisco’s got some moves. I thought Cisco was gonna be played like a fool by Hartley, but seems he isn’t completely gullible and trusting. His work with vibrations, the first movement towards becoming “Vibe?” Though yes… he did eventually get outplayed. At least, he lasted a scene with him!
  3. They got Grant Gustin to sing pretty early on. Glad they established he can sing though. Always bothers me when leads in a show claim they can’t sing then somewhere down the road they do a musical episode, and everyone has a fantastic singing voice. Sorry, ranting… It was also a nice introduction for Linda, though guess will learn more about her in the future.
  4. Drunk Caitlin was fun and messy. I mean the show acknowledges that her and Barry have great chemistry, but are both stuck in these awkward places with past relationships/feelings. Though, it seems like they may be hinting as Caitlin possibly developing feelings for Barry now. TheFlash_PeekABoo
  5. This week’s villain… let’s go with Peek-A-Boo was kind of fun. One of the first to offer Barry a challenge with their power set as hers pretty much neutralized his super-speed. That scene wasn’t much to her. I guess was tying into the overall theme of romance, but she just seemed to be in an one-sided relationship and trying her hardest to impress her boyfriend. I do hope we see more of her later on. Since that prison doesn’t really seem to house anyone for long…
  6. I’ve noted before how the Barry/Joe scenes are my favorite part of the show. Not to be outdone, Barry and his father has the most heart-warming and -wrenching scene this week. As Henry shares his discovery of Barry’s secret without really outing him. It is an extremely powerful and touching scene.
  7. The ending. Oh. Mah Grodd!

A really remarkable episode. That had an amazing cliffhanger that makes me want next week here already!

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