E3 Rumor Round-Up

We’re just under 3 weeks until the start of e3, which means the web is abuzz with a ton of rumors some we can only assume are started in truth and others which just serve to confuse and enrage gamers. Well, we can’t speak for the validity of these claims, we have compiled a list of some of the more interesting rumors we have come across.

1) Soul Calibur V Cafe- This one has been making the rounds since the announcement last week. It would be the first time Soul Calibur has found a home on a Nintendo’s platform since Soul Caibur 2 (we refuse to acknowledge Soul Calibur Legends!) The idea of the game being on Cafe isn’t that impressive, but we hear that not only will Link, from the Legend of Zelda series, make another appearance, we hear he may be joined by a familiar face from his past, but who it is, we won’t say!

2) Capcom, What Old is New Again- This one has us most excited, word is that Capcom shall be digging in their bag of tricks this e3 to give gamers several blasts to the past. The two names that seem to come up is PowerStone and Saturday Night Slam Masters. The former is probably a bit more familiar to modern gamers as it was a series that most recently appeared on the PSP, and before that the Sega DreamCast. The latter however is a series that dates back to the early 90s, will there finally be a contender to THQ’s wrestling dominance? Only one way to find out!

3) Nintendo/Capcom’s Love Child- This one seems like wishful thinking by fans, but we wanted to include it anyhow. But in a world where we’ve gotten Marvel vs Capcom and soon Street Fighter X Tekken/Tekken X Street Fighter, it makes sense that rumors of a Nintendo x Capcom would swirl about. There are perhaps no 2 companies in gaming with a stable of characters as well known in gaming. So while we don’t believe this one ourselves, we’d like to put it here just to believe!

4) Sony’s Character Swap– Now, we’re just heard of this one and details are pretty vague, but word is that Nathan Drake, star of the Uncharted series of games, will be an unlockable character/skin in the upcoming Resistance 3. Like we said, we don’t know how true the rumor is, but there it is.

5) Sony’s Weather Update- There seems to be a good chance of Heavy Rain at e3 this year. Yes, world around the series of tubes is that Heavy Rain 2 (though we’re not sure if that’s the title) will have a presence at Sony’s pre-e3 press event. That’s about all we heard.

6) Squares Handheld Remake- There are rumors that seem plausible, there are rumors that seem implausible, and then there are just rumors that seem to serve nothing else but fan wankery. For years, fans have been begging and pleading with Square to remake Final Fantasy 7, and word is that a remake of the game will be coming, but not to any home console, but to the NGP! Yes, the premiere title for NGP will be a remake of Final Fantasy 7.

7) Kingdom Hearts 3- No not 3D and whatever the hell it stands for, an actual Kingdom Hearts 3, and fans and gamers alike will be surprised to hear of it being a Project Cafe exclusive. And a near-launch title, or within the first 6 months. Why the exclusive? Square couldn’t pass up the chance to have Mario and Mickey star in a game together!

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3 Responses

  1. Nino_M says:

    David Cage said Heavy Rain 2 will not happen, Quantic Dream is making a new IP.

    • DW says:

      david jafffe also said he wasn’t working on twisted metal and look what happened there!

      • Nino_M says:

        Play HR do you honestly need a sequel?

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