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Bar Banter: Fall 2011 New Television Trailers

As season and series finales air throughout the month of May, networks begin to announce their new line-ups for the following fall. This year has been a blood-bath for returning shows, but due to modern technology, we can take a glimpse into the future to see what television will offer us in a few short months.


Awake [NBC]- An NBC drama that has an extremely intriguing trailer, but the premise seems kind of hard to stretch beyond an episode yet alone an entire series. Curious to see how this one unfolds.


Once Upon a Time [ABC]- A show with the premise that fairy tales are real and all trapped in a fictional city controlled by the evil witch. The trailer showed a ton of potential and some interesting visuals. Curious to see if the show can find an audience though.


Grimm [NBC]- I guess fairy tales are the in-thing this year? This looks more like a procedural show with a fairy tale coating. And has a main character who is able to see fairy tale characters in their human disguises. Once more, its a premise that seems to have staying power, but how many procedurals do we need on TV?


Alcatraz [FOX]- A show from JJ Abrams, which means it has a built in audience, with a large-scale mystery afoot, probably means it will do well at least for a season. This show at least seems like on paper it has a premise that can last beyond the pilot and carry a show. The leads seem interesting enough, worth a watch.


Pan Am [ABC]- This show just looks like trouble waiting to happen. I was watching the trailer waiting for the twist, but it never seemed to come. Will a show like this fly in the modern age? Only one way to find out.


The River [ABC]- I guess mysterious dramas are all the rave these days? The show premise seems wider than the trailer let on or at least the end hints at it, but how long will this show go and will people want a Lost-lite?


The Playboy Club [NBC]- Hey, who knew Mad Men got a spin-off! Wait, this isn’t a Mad Men spin-off? Go figure could have fooled me. The show looks interesting I guess, but nothing special unless you want your weekly dose of women in bunny outfits, which isn’t a bad thing!

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