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Ask a Dork: Twas the Week Before Christmas

Why don’t mediums like video games tackle seasonal issues more often? Or why don’t we get more holiday content in them.

Twas the week before Christmas and all through my face

was a thick cloud of sickness that caused me disgrace;

My computer stayed off as I layed in my bed

yet thoughts of this article had haunted my head;

The question was daunting and made my brain tickle

for I knew that publishers were profit-minded and tremendously fickle;

Their products had to be satisfying and last a while

this antiquated distribution practice meant a yuletide exile;

You see a game can’t be seasonal without risking its buyers,

and unhappy sales turn shareholders into cryers;

For who wishes to play a Christmas game in the summer?

To the retail world this limited reach was seen as quite the bummer;

But things are changing, I feel it in my bones

digital distribution means no reason to post-phone;

Games can be seasonal, cost effective, and cheap

with the right direction, they can even be deep;

Just look to Christmas Clix for the Nintendo Wii

it’s artsy, fun, and essentially free;

Great holiday games can truly exist

digital content is an avenue publishers shouldn’t resist;

Now leave me be as I pour a glass of nog

hopefully this rhum will see my sinuses unclog.

Trent Seely

I'm not that crazy about me either.

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