Comic Book Review – EGOs #4

Writer: Stuart Mooreegos_4
Artist: Gus Storms
Colorist: John Rauch
Letterer: Rob Steen

EGOs (Earth Galactic Operatives) is a fairly new series over at Image Comics by comic book veteran Stuart Moore and up and coming artist Gus Storms.  With the first arch rapped up, which involved EGOs stopping the threat of Masse, the living galaxy, we have a one shot story here which mostly follows a new adventure for the rookie members that really puts them to the test.

Firstly, Stuart Moore really knows how to write science fiction.  His ability to seamlessly weave in jargon throughout the story that doesn’t need exposition is a skill far too many people either do not possess or don’t trust the readership’s ability to understand it enough to actually go for it.  His complex world that he’s crafted is akin to the sort of worlds you would find being written by the likes of Warren Ellis and Harlan Ellison.

Gus Storms’ art compliments the story well.  His style reminds me of artists like Frank Quitely and Andre Szymanowicz.  He creates some simple, cool, sleek designs that give this book the feel it needs to thrive and grow in the comics market.

John Rauch as a colorist really shines in this book.  The colors pop and compliment Gus Storms’ art perfectly.

Score 5 (out of 7) This book has heart and enthusiasm from it’s creative team that pours out on the pages and deserves a chance from anyone interested in sci-fi comics.


I've been an avid comic book fan since I first started actively following and collecting comics at ten years old. The first comic I picked up was Sonic The Hedgehog #28 at a local Kmart. Since then I've gone on to read and collect comics from a wide range of publishers, collect original comic book pages, commissions from some of my favorite artists, review comics with insertgeekhere, and even write my own comics. I began self publishing comics I had written in 2011, and currently work with a couple of small publishers as well.

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