Breaking News: DC Announces Justice League The Musical

This may be the greatest announcement in the history of all of mankind. At least for us Nerds here at the site, this is huge. Huge doesn’t even do it justice. This is momentous. In a move that NO one saw coming, DC has announced their intentions to take their biggest comic book team to the small stage. Yes, DC is going Broadway and they are bringing the gang with them.

But the announcement gets bigger than that! Not only will Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern take the spotlight on Broadway, they are doing it in musical fashion. Yes, you heard me correct, DC is bringing Justice League:  The Musical to the world.

Now, you can pick your jaws off the floor as this production is not expected to go live until sometime next summer, but the gears are in motion.

As a matter of fact, the gears have been in motion for several weeks if our sources are to be believed, and why shouldn’t they. In addition to giving us the inside scoop on the plot (Can you say Legion of Doom?) , our sources have sent along various samples from pre-production.


Fans of Justice League will no doubt sense something familar with the opening theme for the production. It is a more somber and in ways serious interpretation of the animated theme.

As our source put it, “They wanted to start off strong. There was some debate about using an updated version of one of the Superfriends themes, but felt it might date the production or alienate core fans.”

Now that song sets the mood for the entire production. But as we said above, all the big names will be featured. And in the DC-verse there is arguably no character bigger than Batman. Below you will find a sample of his entrance to the show.


Batman as many know is no stranger to musicals. In Batman Beyond, Terry takes Bruce to a Batman: The Musical. In Justice League Unlimited, Batman proves he is more than a fighter when he shows off his own vocal chops. And most recently, The Brave and the Bold went where no Bat has gone before with an entire musical episode.

One of Batman’s other singing gigs.

As you hear in the sample above, the Batman entrance hearkens back to the days of Adam West, but still manages to be a bit dark and moody. I can tell you personally, it has me intrigued for the production.

Our sources would not confirm who was being looked at for the role of Batman, but did tell us you can rule at Chrisitian Bale and Kevin Conroy. I really would have wanted to see Conroy.

Of course Batman isn’t the only hero on display, and no one has had more momentum recently then the Green Lantern. Below, you will hear Justice League: The Musical’s rendition of the Green Lantern oath.


Just from the brief sample of the oath, one would guess they are most likely going with Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern. It has a fast and fresh feel to it, but it also sounds respectable.

Will Hal once again where the ring? Can his ego handle the boos?

As a fan, I love that the Green Lantern is in it, but I’m curious how the constructs would work on stage? I’m just hoping they aren’t too cheesy.

And finally, DC’s oldest and perhaps its biggest icon. Now this is a sample of a song taken near the climax of the play. We aren’t quite sure which character sings it, but it is about the Man of Steel himself, Superman.


Its good to see that DC is going back to its roots with portraying Superman as the hero that he is.

Our source was really excited to share news about Superman with us, “They are really going back to his roots on this one. He will be a symbol of all that is right in this world. There’s a musical number near the end that always has the crew in tears. I don’t want to spoil it which is why I didn’t send a sample along, but trust me there won’t be a dry eye in the audience.”

We hope to hear more about this exciting project in the future. But for now, check out this poster one of our Nerds whipped up after hearing the news.

Also check out PhantomData’s website for more details on the production of the music.

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