DCEU: The Road to Justice League Additional Scenes

We’re just over two months away from the first Justice League adventure on the big-screen and while a lot of comparisons to Marvel’s Avengers will and can be made, the tack that Warner and DC have taken to get to Justice League is slightly different. And honestly a tad confusing.

With that in mind, we wanted to lay the roadmap of scenes/sequences that have tied into or will lead into Justice League since not all of them made their intended movie.

Meet the Metas (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice)

In a movie with plenty of questionable choices, a lot of folks met the remaining members of the Justice League as part of an e-mail attachment from Batman to Wonder Woman. Folks may question a lot of this scene, but the idea itself kind of works with our villain Lex Luthor keeping tabs on what he perceives as a growing threat to the world.

Steppenwolf Seeks the Mother Boxes (Batman v Superman)

I did say this was a tad confusing. Most people who have seen the movie would have no idea this scene exists as it was cut from the theatrical version, released online shortly after the movie’s release and restored for the extended edition. There’s no real dialog here, but we do get the first sighting of the Justice League villain, Steppenwolf, and while not named our looks at the Mother Boxes which will be driving the plot of the movie.

The League Gets Its Mission (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)

After the death of Superman, Bruce has a little facetime with Lex and realizes this is only the beginning. He looks to get assistance from Diana in tracking down the other metas, and we know this sets up the first act of Justice League.

Amanda Offers Up the Goods (Suicide Squad)

The only post-credit sequence to death in the DCEU has Bruce going to Amanda to gain more information on the metas seen in BvS. He notes that he is going to recruit them and put the need for Amanda’s Squad to bed.

Etta’s Mission (Wonder Woman)

Another scene that was left out in theaters but included as a bonus on the Wonder Woman home release. This scene is more set-up than anything, but we see that Etta and the Boys are tasked with tracking down a Mother Box for the Americans. We know one ends up in the hands of Silas Stone and one has to assume they succeeded in their mission.

Ok perhaps confusing isn’t the best choice of words, but two of the world building scenes weren’t actually included in their movies until home release. The other is the only stinger we’ve gotten to date and does seem slightly out of character for both. That said, these are the stops we’ve made as we’ve gotten closer to Justice League. And in the coming weeks, we’ll look more into the movie and what we know.

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