Zombie Survival Guide: Tip 4

So by now you know a few handy tips to help carry on the human bloodline after zombie blood lust kicks in.
So far you know to always be able to outrun the people you’re with to an escape route you’ve already scouted…in your nice, warm socks.

But this brings us to the ‘where’.

Now, obviously there are better spots than others when the zombies are invading – but the great skill is in foresight, and risk vs. reward.

Some places that you’ll probably want to stay away from are things that will, or could leave you cornered with no possible advantage. High rises, residences, and dark alleys are all places you should rarely stay in for a long time. Sure, a residence could be a great idea in theory, beds and showers – but it also has a lot of places to corner yourself. Many windows, and doors for zombies to enter and flank you.

If only zombies could read signs.

The most advantageous places to be would be hospitals or supermarkets. Not only are they very large buildings, but there are very few ways into either of them, creating a funnel effect if need be. Not to mention hospitals and supermarkets have a clear advantage in giving you the most bang for your zombie-surviving buck.

Its not just for treating the sick.

Zombie Survival Tip 4:  Location, Location, Location.

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