Beers N Fears 8: Horror Versus Edition

The haunting season is upon us again,which means its time for the 8th Annual Beers n Fears Festival. Believe us, we’re just as shocked as you that anything could have made it to 8 years on this site as a regular feature!

What does 2017 hold for Beers n Fears? Well much like a good beer goes great with a terrible movie, we’re looking to see when worlds collide. But not in the oh so friendly team-ups, no we’re going to war. This month shall be dedicated to “Vs” movies.


Now for the sake of simplicity, when we say “Vs.” movies we literally mean horror films with a Versus in the title. Hence why the unofficial kick-off for this month’s party was Monster Brawl. It has all sorts of monster smash-ups, but no Versus in the title.

So what can fans of 151 Proof Movies look forward to this month? Well the big one is a redo, but since Friday the 13th lands in October, we  couldn’t pass up the chance to do Freddy Vs. Jason. In addition to that, we have Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies and Strippers vs Werewolves to look forward to! Don’t worry as always plans are subject to change at the last moment!

While Versus movies will dominate the 151 Proof landscape, we have plenty more in-store for you. Mr. Alarm will continue his Ghastly Gems series. We will share with you some of our favorite Spooky Tunes and Toons and so much more.

As one person once wrote, readers beware, you’re in for a scare.


Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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