Batman Vs: Zombies

Let’s just get this out of the way, this is an unfair fight. I mean Batman is one of the smartest, most well trained fighters in all of the fictional world. Zombies are mindless killing machines that have one purpose. We also realize it isn’t fair since Batman (Dick Grayson) and the Bat-family just took on Black Lanterns last year!

And if you can take on the undead who feeds on emotion, you will have no problem with those who can’t think on their own.  So I guess the only question is, now Can, but how will Batman defeat a legion of zombies?

Many different options up themselves up when you are the Batman. As pictured above, he could simply take them out with the use of some type of flame thrower. (And being that they are already dead, I don’t think it violates his no-kill rule)

There’s always the other extreme, borrowing the Freeze Gun he keeps in the cave, he could put these zombies on ice. He could either have them collected later.. or do away with them.

If he was daring, he could actually engage in hand to hand combats with these zombies. Dollar to donuts, he could weed through several hundreds without getting tired nor bite, but again this isn’t really a practical option unless he wanted to show off.

No matter how he does it, at the end of the day The Dark Knight will triumphant over any legion of zombies.

Batman- 2

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