Nerds with Words: Halloween Transformation

We touched on something similar to this a few months back, when we asked which type of invasion you most feared.

Now we are back and are curious as to what team yo would most likely want to join.

Team Vampire

  • Would join this legion by having just the right amount of blood drained out of you then√ā¬†replenishing√ā¬†on the blood of said vampire.
  • Aversion to sunlight. So say goodbye to those wonderful tans and shorts!
  • Aversion to garlic, holy water, crosses and who knows what else.
  • On some rare√ā¬†occasions, may also sparkle making you the laughing stock of your breed.

Team Werewolf

  • Can be born into it (Boring!)
  • Being mauled by a current werewolf!
  • Being cursed to live your life as a werewolf!
  • No control over your transformation (if someone finds out your secret can kill you during the human phase)
  • Not a huge fan of a full moon.
  • Aversion to silver.

Team √ā¬†Zombies

  • Joining this rank involves dying. There’s not always a guarantee that someone won’t re-kill you before you are able to convert.
  • A thirst for brains, gives you a one track mind.
  • You are immune to most physical pain, but you can be hurt by normal objects.
  • You run in a much larger pack.

So there you have it, 3 camps are coming to take over, which do you side with and why?

Earl Rufus

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10 Responses

  1. Michael Jordan says:

    Zombie…I’d feel better rollin’ deep

  2. Diego says:

    I would be a vampire, but I love garlic too much. Werewolf is a close second, except the inability to control the transformation also makes it undesirable. I can, however, say that zombie is probably the worst choice.

    • Diego says:

      Because of loss of consciousness/reasoning, rotting away slowly, etc.

  3. Alicia Royer says:

    Definitely Team Vampire, vampires always get it better, unless there are shapeshifters in the mix, shapshifters transform at their will, can turn into almost every animal existing, they are weaker but have their pluses.

    But still vampires are strong, have super powers like flying and being almost indestructible, don’t age since they are sort of dead, a daywalker vampire should be like the strongest best option unless they sparkle which is really lame.

  4. Michael Jordan says:

    I can’t even consider a vampire nowadays thanks to teenage girls. I think the loss of consciousness is in your favor as a zombie because that “one track mind” leads you to brains and only braaains. It’s literally the single driving force of a zombie and the more focus on it, the better the monster.

  5. Diego says:

    Point taken, you’d actually be pretty happy within the scope of your faculties as a zombie. And yes, vampires are a tough sell after being romanticized to the point of being glittering sissies. [sigh]

    There is the part about not being able to regenerate as a zombie though, as a decaying corpse you’d probably have a good week or two in you before things started to fail (or possibly detach). Then again, if the zombies were effective enough they could either keep infecting people to keep their numbers; or just make mince of everything in their path by then.

  6. Penguin says:

    I think I shall come from left field and say werewolf. Oh the three, the only ones who aren’t already dead or in some non-living form. You can interact with people normally throughout most of the day.

    And there power and speed, are tough to match

  7. nino1911 says:

    braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssssss zombies FTW ima lone zombie the still has it wits thought

  8. Kid Orlok says:

    Vampire. Would be the easiest transition. Already don’t go out during the day and I’d never have to wonder about what would be for dinner. Immortally and a typical superhero skill set of strength, speed, and flight are nice perks. And would never have to poo again. How awesome is that?

  9. Jory Ridenhour says:

    I would have to go with werewolf. But it would have to be a legit werewolf not a stupid native american (no offense) transformation thing that just changes u into a wolf instead of a wolf man.

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