Nerds on the Rocks Hits 100!

The first big milestone is here ladies and gentlemen! Like that perfect A we all thrived for in school, like the number of games we buy between November and December, and like the total of our weekly comic book shopping spree, we have reached 100! What does that mean? It means for 100 articles, you have stuck by us, and we are eternally grateful for that.

As we sat down to craft an article for this occasion, it occurred to us that many readers out there don’t really know who “we” are. Part of it is that “we” change from week to week. The other part of it is that there are so many people who contribute different things to the site that may never get the proper recognition. So in order to remedy this situation, article 100 will be all about the wonderful Nerds behind the scene!

Commander Supreme Earl

The ringleader of this ragtag group. Semi-host of both Dual Wielding and Nerds on the Rocks. Main writer/editor/webmaster and any other funny title I want to add next to my business card when bored.

Likes: Pretty much anything this site covers. It feeds my ego, but games (I love all games, but yes I lean Nintendo), comics (lean DC), movies (lean movies, I don’t know if you have movie fanboys?), TV, cartoons, toys and anything nerdy that doesn’t involve technology (don’t ask)

Midget Mike

On-again/off-again host of Nerds on the Rocks. He is responsible for getting the site up and running. And though I try my best to break it, it continues to exist so kudos to that. You can see his work occasionally on the main site.

Likes: Games (if he buys them is a different story), movies (he has a thing for bad ones though), anime (we can’t all be winners) and more.

Star Commander Herr

I actually don’t believe he has appeared on a podcast yet (we’re still waiting to do that Apple focused one), but the third pillar in the creation of Nerds on the Rocks. So once more this site wouldn’t be around for the work of these two men.

Likes: Video games (or so I am led to believe), Mario (his screenname is often ThatMarioLover), movies (who doesn’t?)

Mystery D.C!

The ever elusive D.C is a creature only spoken of in legends, but believe me he does exist! Like the two gentlemen above, he is a vital part in the way this site looks. Actually completely responsible for the way the site looks, he designed our awesome background and of course all the banners that are shown come from his injured hands! To afraid to appear on mic, who knows if D.C will ever be on either podcasts! :O

Likes: Drawing (or so you would think, but he does complain a lot), comics, podcasts (distracts him from working) and movies/tv/anime.

Doctor Seanus

The second main writer for Nerds on the Rocks. He is responsible for your very survival against the legion of the undead and now your battle for mankind against robots! He does not fear SkyNET even if they do have his parents held hostage (we haven’t told him yet though!)

Likes: Games (I think these are getting old hat), zombies (d’oh!), movies and hockey (he is Canadian so you can also add beer)

Nerds on The Rocks

Nerds on the Rocks was started as an interesting experiment in podcasting. As an off-shoot of the GameTavern forums, the podcast was designed in such a manner to allow as many of the posters as possible to appear on an episode or two. Originally, the show was intended to showcase various members knowledge on different areas of nerd-dom with one mainstay host as your anchor, we would have a panel of various guests of the week. With that said, buckle down and let’s go down memory lane for those guests who have graced the presence of Nerds on the Rocks.

Matt “Not Michael” Keaton

The original trial host for Nerds on the Rocks, he was only able to join us for our inaugural episode. But without him taking that first step, this podcast may have never got off the ground.

Eric “Green Lantern Hospital” Dietel

Another member who only joined us for a single discussion on Nerds on the Rocks, but he helped us kick the summer off in style as we discussed the big movies coming out this past summer.


The man with only one named, joined us for a handful of episodes throughout the summer. Discussions on games and movies including crowd favorite Toy Story 3. Also known for his various accents.

Adam “GamerCast” Shear

A Tweepling who joined us on several fun filled editions of Nerds on the Rocks including our discussion on Inception and our favorite video game storylines. You can check him at his own gaming podcast, GamersCast podcast.

Jordan “Cyclops” Jennings

Cyclops biggest, and we’re almost certain only, fan joined us near the tail end of the summer to discuss Scott Pilgrim franchise as a whole!

Adam “The Thrill is in the Chase” Mallard

Joined us for only part of a discussion (who can blame him it was like 12:30 in the morning when we recorded it), but he joined us to talk about his favorite game storylines.

Eric “Evil” Pilgrim

A Canadian.

Nicholas “Check out Those Sideburns” Reed

I mean really, those are some awesome sideburns, though they do tend to vary. Been a part of the new wave Nerds on the Rocks format, we hope to see him in many more episodes in the future, but thus far has discussed Marvel and DC to a great amount with us.

Jay V

We aren’t quite sure if Jay-Z will go after him for the name, but he joined us to discuss video game based cartoons. A good time was had by all.

Dylan “Batmanboy” Freitag

Another Canadian, we seem to attract them like polar bears or something. Maybe someone told them we were given away free drugs or something, who knows. Anyhow, another recent addition to the podcast, he has enjoyed our numerous discussions on Marvel and DC and the recent movie news.

Anthony “Marvel is so Gonna Sue Me” Ellis

A recent podcaster, he joined us on our most recent episode in which we discussed the big news surrounding the Superman and Spider-man movie projects. We expect to hear from him again in the not too distant future.

Dual Wielding

In addition to the Nerds on the Rocks podcast, I thought it would be interesting to do a podcast focused mainly on gaming. Being that Nerds on the Rocks derives from a video game forum, it was only fitting. With that goal in mind, I recruited various of my gaming Tweeplings to form Dual Wielding. The cast has grown by one, but a solid foundation has been laid. Let’s meet our podcasters.

Anthony “Doctor” Gerhart

The official host of our Dual Wielding podcast (he was the only one willing to talk during the first episode 🙂 is also our resident Nintendo expert (other than when I appear on an episode). He interned over the summer with IGN so we’re just waiting to burst him open like a pinata for all his gaming secrets.

Chad “UberStarcraft” Fleming

Our resident Sony and StarCraft guru. Chad not only regularly appears on Dual Wielding, but has had a few guest spots on Nerds on the Rocks. He attended e3 for the first time this year and writes for something like three million sites, I may be under counting a few.

Michael “BiL” Gleboff

Our resident.. Gleboff. That’s the best thing you can say about Mike. I would say he walks to his own drummer, but his drummer probably plays a bass guitar and plays funeral marches. He is also a Canadian (we collect em like stamps) so you get to hear him say “bagel” funny.

Jason “Darth” Ragatz

We have two Canadians, but somehow Jason is our resident drunk. He misses half the podcasts due to being hungover and is actually hungover for the ones he is on. 😛 He is a lifelong gamer who has a passion for the trade. You can read some of his work on his blog.

Daniel “Wanyal”

The most recent addition to our Dual Wielding family, and the only member from overseas (we don’t count Jason even if he is currently in Spain) He comes with that dry European humor and the cynicism.

Boy oh boy, we sure have had a lot of people help us out here on The Rocks. While we’ve covered the mass majority, there are two more people who didn’t fit into the prior three categories. Who are they?

Jordan “Phantom Data” Cox

When it came time to do our article on Justice League: The Musical, we had to find someone with the vocal range to give these characters life. Enter. Jordan, who was kind enough to record the samples for the article.

Derek “Squrel” Raimondi

If the previous mention didn’t give you the hint, I don’t have any type of musical abilities at all (just listen to me sing if you want further confirmation) so when it came time for a theme song for Nerds on the Rocks, I turned to a good friend who was kind enough to go through several revisions with me (I may not be a taskmaster, but I do know what I enjoy) so thanks to him as well.

And finally, I would be reminisce if I didn’t say a special thank you for everyone who reads this site. Each and every one of you make it a thrill to put together this site day in and day out. The future holds many bright things for Nerds on the Rocks so I hope you enjoy the ride!

100, over and out!

Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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