Flashback: A Quality of Mercy

Welcome one and all to an exciting new Flashback featurette. When we last left our feature, it was an article that looked at a retro TV show in a modern light. While I enjoyed writing it, I felt that having someone write about a show they just watched wasn’t really that fun or interesting for the readers. So with a crack team of scientists, we have developed a new style for it. Think of it was movie commentary tracks meets Mystery Science Theatre. A running dialog amongst some of our nerds as they watch an old TV show (and movie).

To kick off the new feature and to tie in with our Halloween theme this month, we watched an episode of The Twilight Zone, A Quality of Mercy. Below you will find both the recording and the episode to watch along with us.

[megavideo QKL3ZZ8K]

Download Flashback 1- A Quality of Mercy

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