Batman Vs: Baby New Year’s

A New Year has Dawned, but as with any year A Dark Knight looms overhead.

Welcome Nerdities to the first Batman Vs of 2011.  For those who are joining us for the first time, the concept is simple, we take DC’s iconic character, Batman, and pit him against various other fictional characters to see if he is able to defeat them and how?

For the first Batman Vs. of 2011, we will have Batman match wits with perhaps one of the deadliest, most demonic and monstrous creature he has ever come across, Baby New Year’s.

And I thought Loopy had big ears....

Looking at the picture you may think this baby proves no threat to The Batman, I mean you have a trained and deadly warrior like Batman and then you have this baby. But think about it for a second, if you were stuck eternally as a small infant child wouldn’t you hone your skills to the peak of perfection for those who tried to bully you or make fun of the fact that you wear a diaper all the time?

How about the fact that you are only paraded around town once a year, you would have a lot of built up resentment after a few years, now compound that by decades and centuries and you have one pissed off and well-trained baby.

Now that we know the secret origins of the evil, malevolent Baby New Years, how does a battle between him and Batman go down?

To be fair, it won’t be much of a match as well-trained as Baby New Year may be, he is still in a baby’s body which limits his reach, speed and abilities. I mean when you are fighting the Batman, you need all the advantages you can get, and when you come in with so many physical disadvantages, it hampers your chance of winning.

I don’t see Batman picking on a baby too much though, check out the episode, Baby Doll from The New Adventures of Batman, to see how that would go down. I say less than a minute Batman is responding to a Bat-signal from Gordon.

Batman Wins!

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