The Great Comic Book Event Event of 2011 is A-Go

We mentioned this at the tale end of last year, that we would be reading one major event from both DC and Marvel a month in what we are calling The Great Comic Book Event Event of 2011, and since we are now in that year, the event is a go. Now we won’t be able to hit ALL the major storylines, sadly comic book writers didn’t think to limit themselves to 12 events, but we will try and hit all the big ones.

This month is

Crisis on Infinite Earth (DC)

Secret Wars (Marvel)

Readers are more than welcomed and even encouraged to read along, we will be checking out Secret Wars first and then Crisis on Infinite Earth.

Here is a tentative schedule for the rest of the year

  • Jan 2011- CoIE/Secret Wars
    Feb 2011- Legends/
    Mar 2011-
    Apr 2011- Emerald Twilight/
    May 2011- Zero Hour/
    June 2011- The Final Night/
    July 2011- DC One Million/
    Aug 2011- Our World at War/
    Sept 2011- Infinite Crisis
    Oct 2011- Sinestro Corps War/Civil War
    Nov 2011- Final Crisis /Secret Invasion
    Dec 2011- Siege/Blackest Night

Yeah, we need some slight help in narrowing down the Marvel picks….

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1 Response

  1. Some of my favorites:

    Maximum Carnage

    Age of Apocalypse

    World War Hulk

    Armor Wars

    Fatal Attractions

    Spider Man: The Other and One More Day ( Note: These two aren’t favorites but its a perfect example of how not tot retcon a character. The first one retcons spider man to better fit the movies. The second retcons everything since the 80’s. Bastards. )

    As for D.C there are two events that I LOVE and have read over and over:


    Batman: No Mans Land

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