Sony Unveils Leaked Line-Up

The new year has finally dawned upon us, and with that we can look forward to months of exciting and surprising announcements. To make sure they get the jump on their competitors, Sony has released a preliminary list of when you can expect all the major leaks of their software and hardware development this year.

  • More news on the “rumored” PlayStation Phone is expected. Sony has a full scale reveal for this in March so look to know everything there is to know about it sometime in mid-Feb.
  • The PlayStation Portable 2 will become a reality this year, and you can expect a full reveal at e3 in June, but Sony will leak the hardware in late Jan, 3rd parties will leak the specs in March, and you can expect to see full release schedule in late May.
  • Spider-man teaser trailer will leak in late April, a few weeks before its official reveal in front of Thor. Then the second one will leak from San Diego Comic Con before Sony can give their official version.
  • Sony will have their e3 announcements and trailers leaked beginning in late April, culminating in the revea of the Ps4, the night before their e3 press conference by some random newspaper.
  • The news that the PS Move was a lie will be confirmed, but no one will be surprised.

There’s Sony’s tentative line-up of leaks for the year, stay tuned as more things get announced before they are ready!

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  1. shawnS says:

    You forgot the pre-emptive, grass roots work they did in 2010 getting the word out on PSP2 to those guys at Midway. Man! Sony is SO on top of heir game now! Good “news” story!

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