25 Days of Christmas: Video Game Specials

Christmas effects us all (well even if you don’t celebrate, its kind of hard for the spirit of the holiday not to surround you) and that even extends to the realm of video games. While there aren’t many currently, there use to be a slate of animated video game shows on TV and like any good TV show they had Christmas specials, here are some.

Christmas Comes to Pac-Land, Personally, one of the few specials on this list that I actively include on my Christmas watch-list.

Sonic’s Christmas Blast, I’ve never seen this one, but its the old-school Sonic cartoon (not the good one from ABC, but the other one) so it has to be a cheesy good time, no?

A Very Digi Christmas– One I had to see at some point because I’ve seen the entire second season of Digimon (we were all young once) and I have vague memories of it, I believe the kids go home after saving the digital world to celebrate, and of course Ken was just reunited with his family or whatever.


The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights, another special that I haven’t seen (apparently gonna have to make time one year to check em out), but this is about a truce between the monkeys (DK and friends) and the lizards (King K.Rool and minions)


Koopa Klaus, this is an episode from the Super Mario Bros Supershow! and I only mention that because the next entry is also from a Mario cartoon. Anyhow, from the name of it, I hope you all gathered that Koopa impersonates Santa Claus during this episode and up to Mario and gang to stop him.


The Night Before Cave Christmas, Mario and the gang tries to introduce the holiday season to Dinosaur Island with some mixed results.

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