25 Days of Christmas: Video Game Christmas Music 2

About two years ago, we ran a feature that highlighted some of the more seasonal music from video games. Two years later, and we’re gonna try and expand our list just a bit. Some of this music is a bit older, but wasn’t originally included on our list for one reason or another. Other stuff is from newer titles and just makes us think of the holiday. Let’s get to it!

To kick it off, we have to visit gaming’s biggest icon. It is fitting that ice worlds are a staple of the Mario universe, and with that usually some pretty great wintery music. This first piece comes from the overworld of New Super Mario Bros Wii


While not exactly Christmas themed, this winter sounding music from NintendoLand’s Metroid Blast is sure to put a smile on your face this holiday season.


Surprisingly enough, a game/series we missed the first time through.. was Animal Crossing. One of the few franchises that actually celebrates holidays in-games. First up, we have the Christmas Eve music:


Later on, Animal Crossing: City Folks had a remix of the above theme:


Here’s one that has popped up in recent months due to all the movement over at Epic Games, Jazz Jackrabbit isn’t the biggest or most popular brand, but it is something that fans seem to love. One of the songs from the game is called Winter Hare, and you can hear it below:


While they tend to be more.. edible treats here on the site, Chocobos aren’t strangers to the Christmas season. Take a listen to this gem from Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon.


It seems like Nintendo is pretty big on wintery sounding music, perhaps because platformers are known for their ice worlds. This one comes from a highly underrated gem, WarioLand: Shake It! (Also has one of the best Youtube trailers of all-time!)


The most recent entry on our list comes from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I won’t say much on the game since it is relatively new, but listen to the music!


And the final entry on the list for this year, was the first entry last time, and still remains the best video game related Christmas music to me. Super Mario World: Super Mario Sleigh Ride


That may do it for us this year, but feel free to leave suggestions!

Edit 1:

We already got submissions from one of our fans, Mr. Electivirus

Both songs are from the Kingdom Hearts franchise, I have no idea which game!

Well for one of them.. the first is from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix called Happy Holidays


The second is from, I don’t know but called Twinkle Twinkle Holidays


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