Nerds On the Rocks 25: Multi-Ball! Edition

Boy oh boy, true believers do we have an episode for you today. Not only is there talk of pinball rape and multi-balls, but there’s also cake! And when we aren’t going off on random tangents we present the best of the best in Comic Book trades/graphic novels. Each of our esteemed nerdologists, takes time to comb over 4 of their favorite graphic novels and then a very special pick at the end. And these comics ran the gamut from the known (Batman: The Long Halloween) to the out of print (Finals) to whatever Nick is recommending (From Hell). This is a long one so make that 6-pack a double and meet us at the table, Nerds on the Rocks!

Download Ep 25

P.S: We’re also testing out a new Nerds theme song and would LOVE to hear some feedback so we can better improve it in the coming weeks.

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