151 Proof Movies: Shaq-Fu Edition

(This is a bit late, and was written in Nov before we did the movie. The NBA is obviously no longer on lock-out and Kazaam did kill us!) 

The NBA is in dire conditions at the moment with the threat of a full season lock-out looming, fans must do whatever they can to get their basketball fit. While healthy people may turn to the NCAA or even the CBA, we here at NoTR, go to our safe haven. Bad movies! And when you think of the NBA and bad movies, no one symbolizes both more than Shaquille O’neal. While not all of his movies are terrible, I happen to enjoy Blue Chips, most of them tend to suck. That’s why we are bringing you a double helping of bad Shaq movies.

First up, Shaq’s turn as the rapping genie, which inspired a generation in Kazaam!

1) Rapping/Rhyming- Every time, Shaq busts a rhyme take a drink. If its REALLY bad, maybe you want to take a shot as well. We’re talking Arnold in Batman and Robin bad.

2)Annoying Sidekick Rule- This is a rule most should be familiar with if you’ve ever seen our Action Movies rules in effect, but its actually a two-way street since both Shaq and the kid are kind of sidekicks to each other in a way. Oh right, take a drink whenever either is painfully annoying.

3) The Magic Words- Any time the word genie or wish is uttered during the course of the movie, take a drink.

4) Music Makes the World Go Round- Anytime the Boombox is mentioned or shown take a drink.

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