151 Proof Movies: The Expendables Drinking Game

Like I said last week, not every movie we do has to be bad. Some are just subjectively less interesting than we would hope. On a personal level, I was looking forward to The Expendables.. and how couldn’t you? Taking some of the best action stars from our generation, and throwing them into a mega-team up project, what could possibly go wrong? Surprisingly… they figured out the answer to that.

Now that we are 2 years removed, and a sequel on the way, we thought it would be fitting to re-visit the film outside of hype and see how it holds up. Of course, we’re going to do it our own way

Let’s get to the scoreboard!

  1. The Tony Truce– Every time there is a reference to age, whether someone being too young or too old, take a drink!
  2. Randy’s Rule– Every time there is an explosion in the film, take a drink.
  3. Moonsy Mandate– Every time there is a pun, take a drink.
  4. Litrock Legislation– Every time a character is referred to as “brother”, take a drink.
  5. Gigawatt Gauntlet- Every time someone dies in the film, take a drink!

There you have it, our fans have established the rules of the game. As always we will give these rules a test run, and you can follow along on twitter via hashtag #151PM.


Earl Rufus

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2 Responses

  1. Kelsey says:

    Hey! Currently watching/playing The Expendables. You should add a rule for size reference. A lot of characters, including Yang himself, make fun of or refer to him being smaller/shorter than the others. Just saying. Lol great site btw. 😀

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