151 Proof Movies: The Spirit Drinking Game

The Spirit from what I remember isn’t a bad movie. It has a very unique look (Granted, it looks a lot like Miller’s other work, Sin City), and Samuel L. Jackson is always a treat. This was also 4 years ago, and memory is usually kinder than reality. So we shall venture into the black and white world of The Spirit this week.

Let’s go to the rule book!

  1. Wardrobe!– Every time, The Octopus changes his costume, take a drink.
  2. Those Come in Bulk, Right?– Every time a henchman is killed, take a drink.
  3. And You Will Know My Name!– Whenever The Spirit or The Octopus refer to each other by name, take a drink.
  4. Let’s Get Spirited– Every time the Spirit hits on a chick, take a drink.
  5. Jump! Jump!– Every time The Spirit jumps on to or off or something, take a drink!

And those are our rules for The Spirit. As always we will be testing out these rules on Friday night, it appears to be about 10 PM EST/7pm PST this week. If you want to join us can always follow @GT_NOTR or @Wooden_Pint or twitter or use hashtag #151PM.

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