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151 Proof Movies Hangover: Total Recall Review

Colin Farrell may not be lighting up the box office this weekend with the release of Total Recall 2012, but I can tell you there was a party to be had on Friday night when we fired up the original movie. It is refreshing to do a great movie on here at times. Without further gushing, our thoughts on Total Recall and the drinking game!



I love practical effects. I want to put that out there for all six of you that read this. In my mind, if something can be done with a practical effect, it SHOULD be. I hate when a movie does things with CG that have been clearly done better with practical effects. That being said this movie has amazing PE (Practical Effects). The death scenes in Mars’ atmosphere, the mutant disfigurations, the death scenes. Any movie that did all those and more with practical effects in my book would get a high book, but this is much more.

I will admit I remembered this as a mindless action flick, but upon rewatching I found that I had forgotten the whole first half of the movie, which is actually build up. I know, an hour build up in an Arnie movie, UNHEARD OF! But all of the build up is engaging, you do ask questions and you genuinely want to know what happens. Even having seen this movie many times, there were many thing I had never noticed before that made the movie THAT much more amazing. Like Andre the Giant huge.

This is more than a standard action film, sure it has Arnie, and 3-tits and awesome one liners (SCREW YOU, BENNY while killing someone with a drill) but it has a story that if you actually think about will leave you guessing. I definitely makes me question what will be done with remake.


This was a blast from beginning to end. Much like my partner in crime, I really only remembered the middle portion of the movie. The part in which they are actually on Mars always stayed with me, but there’s a good hour or so when they are Earth-based, and it makes for a compelling movie. 

And it gets even better when you get to Mars. Though, it doesn’t seem as long as I originally remembered it to be. A lot of the events happen in rapid-fire to kind of get everything up to speed. 

The movie has some great action pieces, cool music, and of course Arnold does his Arnold best in this film as well. I also like that the film never truly answers if it’s real or not, and it doesn’t matter for your enjoyment of the movie. Totally worth checking out, if you haven’t already!



I have to give this movie a 3, even though I loved it and it lives up to my memories and all that jazz it still only warrants a 3 in the aspect of drinking. I think it was about ten minutes before our first drink, but then we got hit by a mini wave of drinks. The whole movie kind of went like that, with dry spans the would be broken by a drink, followed by many drinks, followed by long spans. That is until we got to the finale is painful. Think like 16 people die in it, so if you can make it to that I tip my hat.

If you are going to watch this movie and happen to be drinking this movie will do you well, but if you want to get really slizzard than add the rule of drinking every time they say “Mars”


This movie is sporadic in its drinking habits. There are periods where its drink after drink, then there are moments of world-building in which not much happens drinking wise. So it would be closer to average except it does kind of force you to finish your drink on several different occasions. First, for somehow working the title “Total Recall” into an actual conversation, which is rather impressive when you think about it! I honestly can’t remember what the other two times were.. Most likely rapid fire kills (after like 15 or so drinks, we tend to just finish our drinks instead of trying to keep count).

On the bright side, we made it through the entire movie without calling rubber nipples or even being tempted to. So it wasn’t that bad on the liver! 

Sober or drinking, Total Recall is a thrill to watch from beginning to end. Arnold is at the top of his game here, so in addition to great action, you also get some of his trade-mark one-liners. We haven’t seen the new one yet, but it has giant shoes to fill.

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