151 Proof Movies Hangover: Tekken The Movie

Tekken, Tekken, Tekken, what am I going to do with you.

After posting the rules to the Tekken Drinking Game, I decided to give the movie a spin. In the months since we have started 151 Proof Movies, I can honestly say this was the most painful movie personally. And I don’t mean overall quality wise, I just mean the drinking part of the event.

But first, let’s talk briefly about the movie. I will be the first to admit, I’ve never really been into the Tekken games and lore so I have NO idea how faithful the movie is to the premise of the games, but if it is, the games are extremely bleak. The plot, from what I can remember, deals with the Tekken corporation, and their control of Tekken City and their Iron Fist tournament (can you see why there’s so much drinking involved?). The main plot of the movie, deals with Jin, a runner for the underground, who joins the Iron Fist tourney as the People’s Choice after the Tekken Corporation kills off his family. Along the way, there are twists and turns and all types of double-cross before the climax!

One thing I really need to make note of is the costume designs. I understand the need to be loyal to a character’s appearance, but sometimes you can take some liberties when translating from one medium to another. A LOT of the Tekken characters just look ridiculous when taken out of the context of a video game.

As a whole, this isn’t the worst video game-based movie I’ve ever seen, but if you’ve ever seen a video game-based movie, you know that’s a small order in general. The movie won’t win any awards nor would I really recommend unless you wanna drink!.

The drinking, now this was something that was on the up and up in the movie.

I will share some of my thoughts from Twitter with you.

Beer one done. Tekken mentioned like 3 times in first minute. Not a good sign.

I’ve got to say, bad idea to mimick the game costumes. Look awful in live action. Beer 2 down

So far, 2 beers on just Teken and Iron Fist. They haven’t gotten to the fighting yet. I fear for myself!

3 beers in, only 20 mins into the movie. 70 more to go. This can not end well

I swear the script is “blah blah Tekken, Iron Fist, blah blah bla Iron Fist, Tekken, People’c hcoice. “

4 beers in 30 minutes, I’m not ashamed to admit, this movie has kicked my ass. Feel like gonna be sick if keep drinking. 🙁

I haven’t seen such n awkward dance scene since Fantastic Four 2.

Hour aand 7 mins in, my friend has called for Rubber Nipple! Looks like rules are off the table!

Movie is over, I’m still alive, I owe the movie some drinks, but they use the word Tekken and Iron Fist too much if you ask me!

There you have it, some of my own live impressions of the movie.

So check it out, and tell us how your own experience goes!

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