151 Proof Movies: Tekken

Back when we started this feature, almost a year ago now, we did it so that we could find an enjoyable way to watch The Street Fighter movie. The first one proved a success so we have kept the feature going, not as regularly as we wanted, but now we have returned.

We’ve become aware of more and more fighting-game based movies, and while we may want to suffer through Street Fighter: The Rise of Chun-Li at some point, we found a new golden goose for this week. Onto the rules!

1) Use Your Words

This is gonna be a painful rule (I can tell you from experience), but whenever the words Tekken, Iron Fist or People’s Choice is uttered in the movie take a drink.
If you want to be a bit more hardcore about it, you can also take a drink whenever Tekken, Iron Fist or People’s Choice are shown on screen.

2) Speak Your Words

This one is fairly subjective, but whenever a character spits out a cheesy or corny one-liner, take a drink to absolve your sins!

3) Its Time for a Fight

a) Whenever a character strikes a pose after a fighting move, take a drink. (For your own health, we do not recommend counting the introduction scene)
b) Whenever a character performs a special move from the game, take a drink.

Bonus Rule!

-You don’t have to use this rule (we didn’t) but something came up with during the course of the film. Whenever there is a flashback to Jin and his mother, take a drink!

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