151 Proof Movies: Birdemic Drinking Game

I think I’ve finally found it… I think I’ve finally found my line in the sad. The limit of how bad a movie has to look before I truly do not want to watch it. Sadly enough, we have a golden rule when it comes to this feature if something is suggested, it stays on the docket and we need to suck it up and watch. Let’s hope the movie isn’t nearly half as bad as the trailer would lead you to believe.

And since I went an entire paragraph without mentioning the actual name of the movie… Ladies and gentlemen, The Birdemic Drinking Game!

  1. Birds, Birds Everywhere– Whenever someone says “Bird(s)” in the movie, take a drink
  2. Gaia, Spirit of Earth– If the movie delivers a thinly veiled environmental message, take a drink.
  3. Duck Hunt– For every kill in the movie (human or bird), take a drink.
  4. Ring, Ring Ring- Every time a cell phone rings in the film, take a drink.
  5. Everything Must Go!– Whenever a character says “Sale” take a drink.

Bonus Rule: Every Time the main theme is played in full or for an extended period of time, take a shot or finish your drink!

There you have it.. Oh whatever.. We’ll watch this and if you want to see a grown man cry follow along with hashtag #151PM or follow @GT_NOTR and @Wooden_pint on Twitter.


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