151 Proof Movies: Ace Ventura Jr.

While we missed a single week this past month, there was still a single Jim Carrey-less sequel movie that we haven’t tackled yet, and while it is Feb 1st, we figured it was close enough to still do this film. Like we always do, we saved the best for last.. possibly.

Ace Ventura Jr. was the movie we had the least amount of confidence in being good, but after The Son of the Mask.. it’s got a pretty high bar to cross to be truly horrific.

Before we get to the movie-specific rules, let’s bring out the Jim Carrey-less carry-over rules for one last time.

  • “Do You Remember?“- Every time a film attempts to make you laugh by repeating or paying homage to a famous scene from the original movie, take a drink.
  • “Do I Make You Laugh?”– If the movie manages to illicit an actual laugh from you with a joke (not laughing at how bad the movie is or some stupid logic), take a shot!

With that out of the way, let’s get to the Ace Ventura Jr. specific rules.

  • BOOO-ING– When you hear a goofy sound effect in the film, take a drink.
  • The Name’s Ace– Whenever someone refers to Jr. Detective by “Ace”, take a drink.
  • Pet Detective– Whenever Ace attempts to communicate with the animals in some fashion, take a drink.
  • Like Father, Like Son– When people mention or compare Ace Jr to his father, take a drink.

There you have it. The final set of rules for Jim Carrey-less sequel months. You can join us this Friday, Feb 1st at 10pm EST on Twitter by following @GT_NOTR and @Wooden_Pint or searching hashtag #151PM

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  1. […] 3)Ace Ventura Jr. Pet Detective- The final film in our viewing, and quite honestly can’t remember much of it. I believe it is the film with the largest gap between the original and its release, and its also the film that apes the most from Carrey’s legacy, but as a film there’s really not much there. And it’s always difficult to review films that are solely created to cater to kids, but this was just bland and boring sadly. The drinking for this film was a bit of a hit or miss, there would be periods of lots of consecutive drinking and then long stretches of nothing happening. Laugh Count 1: Swan 1 Penguin 0 […]

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