151 Proof Movies: 3 Ninjas

We’re now working on a system of randomly generated movies! Yes, we have a “Bucket List” of movies and franchises we want to watch, and are picked at random. Not all of these will be “Bad” movies, and some we’re only going by ear.

This movie is more a victim of circumstances while I personally remember 3 Ninjas fondly as a child, the sequels aren’t as hot especially once you get to the one co-starring Hulk Hogan. We like to be thorough for the most part so the entire franchise is on the list. So we don’t believe 3 Ninjas is a BAD movie, but needs to be done so we can eventually do the others!

  1. What is Love?– Every time the phrase “Rocky Loves Emily” is uttered, take a drink.
  2. Malnourished– Every time Tum Tum eats something, take a drink.
  3. Murderize Them!– The Home Alone/Kids rule. Every time the kids use some invention/ingenious device to do away with the bad guys, take a drink. Every time, it looks like said trap/device/gadget could possibly KILL their assailant take 2 drinks!
  4. Ninja Kick his Ass!- Every time a kick is thrown by the 3 ninjas, take a drink.

As always, we will test out these rules on Friday and get back to you over the weekend to see how they work. If you want to join in on the discussion add @GT_NOTR and @Wooden_Pint on Twitter or follow the hashtah #151PM. It gets interesting as the night goes on!

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