151 Proof Movies: Friday the 13th Part 10: Jason X Drinking Game

That is not a mouthful of a title!

This week, we thought it was only fitting to do a Friday the 13th movie, on well, Friday the 13th. And we had a site-wide poll to determine the worst film in the series, you can see the results below, but it means we’re watching Jason X this week!

[poll id=”141″]

We already have rules on the site for horror films, thanks to our October tradition of Beers and Fears. But since there are 3 different versions on the site, we figured would repost which one we’re using to make it easier for all parties involved!

The Horror Movie Idiot Rule (Take 1 Drink)

  1. Someone checks out a suspicious noise
  2. A group decides its best to split up and search while their friends are being killed off.
  3. When being confronted person runs upstairs/further into a building, instead of outside.
  4. A victim knocks down the killer, and instead of heading for the hills, double check to make sure they are dead.

The Horror Movie Cliches (Take 1 Drink)

  1. The cheap scare. (They build it up and it turns out to be a cat!)
  2. The monster/killer is stalking their prey, the audience can see but the person can’t.
  3. The killer kills their prey.
  4. The victim trips while being chased by the killer.
  • If the cheap scare turns into the killer being behind the person take 3 drinks.
  • Take 3 drinks if the killer appears to be dead, everyone appears to celebrate, but the killer comes back for one more scene before being knocked off again.

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