151 Proof Movies: A Good Day to Die Hard Drinking Game

I love Die Hard. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love Die Hard. I like some of the sequels.. name Die Harder and Die Hard with a Vengeance. None of them have seem to be able to recapture the magic of the original though, but I still like the franchise. Which is why I still won’t give up on it.

Which is why on this rainy Friday evening, we find ourselves checking out “A Good Day to Die Hard” The 5th and most recent film in the Die Hard series. Once more sees John McClane find himself in a situation that is way above him, but must save the day along with his song. Or so the trailer would lead me to believe.

Either way, it seems like today is a Good Day to Die Hard so to the rule book!

  1. A Good Day to Die– For every kill/death in this film, take a drink.
  2. Die Hard with an Explosion– Every time something explodes in this film, take a drink.
  3. Live Free or Die with Your Dad– Every time John and Jack get into an argument/disagreement, take a drink.
  4. Quip Harder– For every one-liner in the film, take a drink.
  5. Drive Hard– Any time a vehicle crashes into something, take a drink.
  • Bonus Rule: Because this is Die Hard, a take a shot whenever John says “Yippie-Ki-Yay”

There you have it! As always, we shall be checking out this film on Friday night around 10 PM ET (7PM PST). Can follow along with the hashtag #151PM or by following @ER_NOTR and @Wooden_Pint

Earl Rufus

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