This Week in Nerd (2.15.14)

Here’s a recap of all the great content we have published over the course of the week!


  • The Comic Anvil 40 – The gang talks about getting into new comics and the difficult task it is for some consumers. Also more DC and Marvel movie and TV news!
  • Dual Wielding 129 – Flappy Birds Caused by Sonic Boom, discussion of SEGA’s cross-media push of the next Sonic game, the Flappy Bird saga and drama, and of course games!
  • Nerds on the Rocks 161 – The LEGO Show is all about LEGO this week. LEGO toys, LEGO games, The LEGO Movie, what LEGO means to children and adults alike.


  • Outlast (PlayStation 4) – If you want a scary adventure, this PSN title is the place to be!
  • Mortal Kombat Annihilation – The second Mortal Kombat film isn’t very good, but with our special brand of crazy this becomes a blast with booze!
  • The Fuse 1, Superior Spider-man 27 and Green Lantern Corps 28 – Check out this trio of reviews for a decent mixture of comic books.
  • Knuckleheads 5 – “Knuckleheads is a story that is character driven. The humor and personality is what pushes this book forward and on that front this book is a shining success.”
  • Batman 28 – Batman Zero Year takes a brief hiatus to give us this exciting sneak-peek into Batman Eternal, which will prove to be a most interesting weekly series.
  • Power Rangers Super Megaforce 1 – The premiere of Super Megaforce has us excited for a season of Power Rangers! With the Rangers granted the ability to morph into other Rangers, it is a fun time for lapsed friends to jump-in!


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