This Week in Nerd 3.2.14 to 3.8.14

As always, present to you all the great content posted on the blog over the past week.


Nerds on the Rocks 163 – Haters Gonna Hate-Cast This week’s show has us sharing all things that bug and annoy us. From the hatred of Justin Beiber to Mad Men to fandom, we spread the hate!

Dual Wielding 131 – Irrational Shutdowns On this week’s show we talk about Irrational closure, Sony Santa Monica layoffs and Nintendo shutting down servers for Wii and the DS.


Ultimate Avengers: The Movie – We kick off #MarvelMarch by taking a look at their first major animated movie. An adaption of the Avengers’ origin story from the Ultimate universe.

Robocop – “Dead or alive, this review is coming with me!” We check out the reboot of the Robocop franchise in a passable film that doesn’t live up to the original but does enough good.

Veil 1 – “I once saw a naked woman crawl out of a subway. She did not explode any brains but merely asked for money. Never been so disappointed in my life.”

NoTR Originals

Top 7 Licensed Video Games – With the release of South Park: The Stick of Truth this week, we took a look back at the best of the best from the world of licensed video games including Batman, Ninja Turtles and The Walking Dead.

Ask a Dork: Video Game Preservation –  This week, Trent shares his thoughts on the preservation of this current generation of gaming due to the push for digital delivery of many aspects.

Kaiju Kommentary: Destroy All Monsters – As we get ready for Godzilla this year, we have a retrospective series and they don’t get any bigger or meaner than Destroy all Monsters! – This week’s movie comes to us from SyFy, the home of the bizarre and terrible. A crocodile infected with nanobots goes on a killing spree!

As always stay glued to this blog for more exciting and original content!

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