Comic Book Review: Ghosted #8

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS!

Ghosted #8

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Davide Gianfelice & Miroslav Mrva

Ghosted #8 introduces reader to El Maestro, a character who could play the main villain going forward in this story arch, and he is one creepy individual. Jackson was captured in the previous issue and is about to go to a place called “The Darkness”, but El Maestro requests a meeting with him. Meanwhile, Trick and Skinner are trying to get into the temple to catch up with Jackson. Back inside, Jackson meets El Maestro who knows that he is being followed around by not only Anderson but several other ghosts. We get a glimpse into Jackson’s job before he was arrested, right before Trick and Skinner come in to save him. Jackson escapes and takes Nina with him and she tells him about the evil spirt that possesses her and that they can’t escape through the jungle because it is haunted.

This issue helped move the plot forward quite a bit in regards to why these women were kidnapped, what specifically is possessing Nina, and a bit about Jackson’s past. The introduction of El Maestro was a good reveal this month and the art for him was very creepy. The art in this series has been great in regards to the ghosts and main characters, but this month it seemed that the usual detail was not there.

Overall, Ghosted is a series that should keep bringing in new readers with its quality storytelling. Joshua Williamson has done a great job so far keeping things interesting, while also not revealing to much into Jackson’s past. If he continues with this quality storytelling there is no reason Ghosted can’t be around for years to come.

Review Score: 6 (Out of 7)

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