Thoughts on the DC REBOOT so far

I’m a DC comics fan. I was MORE of one BEFORE the Reboot… BUt I don’t HATE the reboot either. There’s been a lot of Great stuff to come from it, However I don’t feel like it was needed at all. The best thing about it is it has brought a lot of attention to the company and increased their sales. This Blog post is also about the Comics, not the other multi-media stuff they have going on.

I still miss a lot of the things that were going on before the reboot. Such as, Teen Titans. I know TEEN TITANS still has a book, but Scott Lobdell is a hack, which in turn makes the book suffer when it comes to story telling. I also miss the Secret Six, I miss Stephanie Brown, I miss Cassandra Cain. I miss the not Over-sexualised Catwoman, and Starfire. I miss old Green Arrow and Black Canary. I even miss some of the Justice Society, Powergirl Mostly. (yes, I am aware that they have an Earth Two book & World’s Finest coming, but it’s not the same.)

ON the other hand, this reboot has got me interested in monster Comics. Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E is pretty darn awesome. I’m really diggin’ I, VAMPIRE, SWAMPTHING & ANIMAL MAN. These three books did not need a reboot to exist. I do like some of the Superhero books as well, just not as many as before.  BLUE BEETLE, ACTION COMICS, BATMAN, BATMAN & ROBIN, ALL STAR WESTERN, and A few others are Really Super Great.

I’m glad that they left Jonah Hex (now ALL-STAR WESTERN), Batman, and Green Lantern’s continuity alone. I do wonder what exactly, are they trying to pull off. Also, every time I see a report of a DC NATION Panel from a Convention they ALWAYS say or do something that kinda irks me. For example, Helena Bertellini, or at least that identity is dead. This is the Huntress’ civ name. So is the Huntress in WORLD’S FINEST not the same person?  Every time some one has some constructive crits the big heads of DC just shut them out and label them Trolls.

In Closing, I’d just like to say,  Congratulations DC on your Successful (almost) Line wide Reboot. Now, please Show some love for your characters, instead of making them crappy. Also, the New Icon/Logo thing is really bad looking.

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  1. Ned Hood says:

    Funnily enough I’ve read far more issues of this Teen Titans than I ever did before the reboot. In fact Lobdell’s books have surprisingly been my favorite reads, with Red Hood coming out on top (if you only read that first issue and got turned off by Starfire you can’t judge it). I dropped most everything else. Still pissed about losing Secret Six.

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