Top 30 DC Universe Animated Original Movies Countdown

10. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights – Like stated before, the idea of a comic book compilation sounds great on paper so the second time around they really nail it. The main difference is having a variety of stories centered on different characters while having a framing device that pushes the narrative forward on its own.

9. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies – If you’re confident in your style, you can hide your substance. Public Enemies is pretty much an extended battle sequence with some pauses to progress the plot, but it works as Batman and Superman take on friends and foes alike.

8. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox –  This film feels a bit disjointed during the first third or so but once all the threads start to come together, you get the darkest and most brutal DC animated film to date. The animation is also smooth and fluid, and some great running from The Flash.

7. Justice League: The New Frontier – The Justice League forms! Not the only origin of the superteam on here, but the best one. The backdrop of war always seems fitting for heroes. A great cast of voices and a very nice visual style are icing on the cake.

6. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse – Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly reprise their role as the titular Batman and Superman. But the real star of this film is Summer Glau’s Supergirl, who is conflicted but thrust into this world of superpowers. Not only does she bring the heart to this film, she also stars in one of the most brutal fight sequences in these movies yet!

5. All-Star Superman – Grant Morrison’s fantastic series couldn’t be completely adapted to the tiny screen, but the director does a terrific job bringing the essence of the series to this film. Not only does it capture the spirit of the series, but does a good job of translating Quitely’s artwork. The voice work is top-notch and well-written adaption.

4. Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths – The dynamic between the League and the Syndicate especially in relation to Batman and Owlman is curious to watch. It has its dark moments especially during the climax where Batman tricks a villain to run to their death. And with such a large cast, you get a ton of great action set-pieces.

The voice work across the board is also fairly decent. Owlman’s calm demeanor, even in the face of death, being the big stand-out.

3. Superman vs The Elite – Great action is only part of the formula I look for in these films, the other is a moral compass for our heroes. Superman vs The Elite makes the best case for the character of Superman, with his conflict of what to do with his unlimited power. Why doesn’t he just eliminate the threats, and how would the world react if Superman went too far? This film answers it in style, and is still able to inject a great sense of humor!

2. Batman Under The Red Hood – Much like Superman, Batman faces the same moral problem… why doesn’t he go all the way with his villains? Why does he allow people like The Joker to mock the system of Arkham Asylum by continuously imprisoning him so that he can escape again? How far would The Joker have to go in order to finally push Batman over the edge?

And what of Batman’s sidekicks? How long can they keep his vision; his world view before it crumbles around them? Under the Red Hood does a great job of examining the character and world around Batman with complex motives and characters. Top-notch voice work and amazing animation just to top it off.

1. Wonder Woman – This movie doesn’t have as strong a moral compass as the previous two, but what it does have is an interesting origin that not only looks at Wonder Woman’s debut to man’s world, but the general notion of her character and women in the world. The dynamic between Wonder Woman and Steve is fun to watch, and the plot holds your interest throughout.

More importantly than that though is you get amazing action. This film features some of best fight choreography, and some of the best large-scale battles in the entire series. If you only track down one film on this list, let it be this one!

There you have it, the 30 DC Universe Animated movies ranked. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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