Earl’s Top 7 Games of 2014

Another year has come and gone, and like always, it is time to reflect. While I will admit I didn’t get a chance to play every game this year, these represent the 7 best new games of 2014 (aka my Games of the Year)I got to play. And the list started off as normal, but wanted to have a bit of fun with it so I dressed it up with poor haikus! Enjoy.

7. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

 Brave Toads and Treasures
Ready for Adventure, Go!
Golden Stars Galore

6. Mario Kart 8

I wanna go fast
But red shell, blue shell, fuck you
That’s Mario Kart

5. Titanfall

Racing up the walls
Gunning down your foes, it’s time
Titan is Ready


4. Bayonetta 2

Battles with angels
Surfing through falling buildings
Witch-Time activate


3. Shovel Knight

His poor Shield Knight lost
Shovel in hand – dig, jump, crush
A mighty Knight’s tale


2. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Frozen bananas
An angry ape and his friends
Pirate Penguins flee


1. Hyrule Warriors

Slicing through the horde
The Heroes of Time Allied
Evil’s bane once more
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