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There’s apparently some rule in Hollywood that a person decides whether they will enjoy a movie or not within the first 10 minutes. Which is why the first 10 minutes is so vital to a movie’s success. I really don’t think you can gauge your interest in a game based on the first 10 minutes, but we shall try and experiment with that.

With the Power Hour, which would simply be giving our impressions/thoughts/opinions on a game after the first hour (Roughly speaking) of playing.

Why an hour? Really because I didn’t know any other drinking games with a timer in it! And really, how many games differ greatly after their first hour? I’m not talking about new enemies or weapons or even difficulties, but I’m talking general core game play. There are things like Brutal Legends, and Final Fantasy XIII to a degree, but those tend to be the exception not the norm. Of course, all type of checks will be done, and really this doesn’t excuse us from doing a full review/write-up of the game if we see fit.

You’ve seen an example of this yesterday when The Pint (its what he wants to be called) posted his Power Hour impressions on Marvel vs Capcom 3. As with anything on this site, the idea is always growing and maturing and changing. So feedback is greatly appreciated!

Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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