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25 Days of Christmas: Five Unusual Christmas Songs

Nothing like, “Getting arrested on Christmas Eve, for telling Santa to kiss your ass because he ran your grandma over, followed by begging him not to shoot you because its Hanukkah.” (Yeah I just did a little pun on my 5 unusual Christmas songs). Sure Christmas can be a stressful, maybe even a depressing time for some people, and if it is for you, then these holiday songs are sure to put the smile on the face of any Grinch. Sure there are you typical Christmas songs that you think of every year, but this isn’t a list of those kind of songs, this is the unusual Christmas song list. These songs are made to make you laugh, and get past the normal Christmas music you listen to over and over.  The one thing about these unusual songs is that musically they sound like any fun normal Christmas song but lyrically they are truly not very Christmas like. I think that is why it is so enjoyable (Not saying they are really good songs) because you have this fun upbeat Christmas music, but these often negative sad lyrics.  So this following list is of what I thought was best to fit that description. Here are the top 5 unusual Christmas songs in no particular order!

1)Don’t Shoot Me Santa- The Killers

This song is so random the conversation between Brandon Flowers and Santa is funny and cheesy. Who would think of Santa coming after you trying to shoot you, The Killers of course. I know may people think this is a weird song because it has so many different sounds and has its ups and downs. It really is an weird Christmas song.

2)Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass- All Time Low

This song has a more rock kind of feel to it, the bells are placed perfectly in the song to give you that Christmas vive. Basically this is the Breakup Christmas song. The metaphor talking about how the singer feels compared to the Christmas imagery is very unique. Generally a lot of the Christmas images are happy, they found a way to relate it to a breakup song with is very different.

3)Hanukkah Song- Adam Sandler

What really needs to be said here?  It is just a very creative song. Yes I know its not technically a Christmas song, but it is a very fun enjoyable Holiday song! The rhymes and different names Sandler throws around is perfect. Plus Adam’s voice is classic!

4) Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer- Dr. Elmo

For me this is the original unusual Christmas song. This song is just so catchy and is a song I would always play at family Christmas parties and would annoy my grandma.  Not much can really be said other then Christmas Classic!

5) I Won’t Be Home for Christmas- Blink-182

This song sounds like your typical Blink song, it’s the lyrics that really make this a Christmas song. It is a funny spin on “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” It is basically a song about getting upset with all holiday hype and going crazy. Basically getting put in jail on Christmas Eve and spending the holiday in the slammer!


Happy Holidays!


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