Name That Tune: Comic Book Movie Edition

Who doesn’t love music? Who doesn’t like free movies?

  • What? – This is a Name That Tune contest. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but just to be safe! There are 30 samples from various comic-book movies below. All you need to do is Name That Tune! (Name The Movie Where the Song is from, not the song)
  • Where? – At the bottom of the page, you will find a form to submit your answer. If you find it easier to have two-windows, you can also click here.
  • When? – The contest will end on 11:59pm ET on February 28th. With a winner being announced within the week.
  • Why? – The person who answers the most correct will win a bundle of digital movies from Warner including Godzilla, Veronica Mars and other. About 8 in total!
  • Who? – Any- and every-one! This is a contest, but also research for a future article and the more submissions the better!

Song One

Song Two

Song Three

Song Four

Song Five

Song Six

Song Seven

Song Eight

Song Nine

Song 10

Song 11

Song 12

Song 13

Song 14

Song 15

Song 16

Song 17

Song 18

Song 19

Song 20

Song 21

Song 22

Song 23

Song 24 

Song 25

Song 26

Song 27

Song 28

Song 29

Song 30

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