Top 10 Video Game Intros

Over the past week and a half, we have run a poll on the site for our fans to determine their number 1 favorite video game intro of all-time. Now that the poll is done, it is time to officially declare the Nerds on the Rocks’ Top 10 Video Game Intros of All-Time! (For the sake of simplicity, and to alleviate some problems with ties, we shall only take one entry per franchise!)

10) Arkham Asylum


One of the best opening this generation. Batman: Arkham Asylum’s intro does a terrific job of setting the mood and stakes for your grand adventure. The intro is only made more memorable by a late-game return to it with a spectacular twist you must experience!

9) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


The intro that ushered in a new era for the Legend of Zelda. Fans were taken aback as they witnessed Hyrule in 3D for the first time, and Link rode across the vast landscape with his trusty companion.

8 ) Fallout 3


Another intro that sets the mood for the game that is about to come. An awesome√ā¬†juxtaposition√ā¬†of music and a world in ruins. The video sadly does not cover the part when you finally emerge from your vault though.

7) Metal Gear Solid


When the world is in trouble, they turn to one man, Solid Snake. The game that began the push for more cinematic approach to story-telling in games starts off with a bang as Snake gets his mission.

6) Final Fantasy X


Honestly, not sure why this made the cut. Watching the intro it doesn’t seem like anything special unless I’ve mistaken the intro we were aiming for.

5) Half-Life


Much like the series’ style of story-telling, being one of the first interactive (and entirely in-game) opening propels the original Half-Life further than even its successor. The intro also does a fantastic job of introducing you to the world.

4) Kingdom Hearts


A pretty magical intro that highlights the main character and some pretty good CG actually.

3) Mass Effect 2


The intro has everything you need, a shady villain/organization, a hero returning from the dead, a fiery assault! Mass Effect 2 starts off with a bang.

2) Uncharted 2


Very few games have the balls to start you off with your main character in mortal danger, but that’s exactly what Uncharted 2 does as Drake is introduced bleeding and on a train that is coming apart. It makes for a very suspenseful and unique opening to a video game.

1) Bioshock


No surprise here, one of the most stunning intros to a video game ever. The game blurs the line between cutscene and player-controlled action that it stuns some on their first play through. Truly breath-taking, and then you enter the world of Rapture and your journey begins.


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  1. James says:

    Yeah….. your intro for FFX is not even close….. the only reason I even come to this page was to see if FFX was on it, the true intro is this one.

    The louder you watch it the better….. will make your hair stand up.

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