The Walking Dead: Episode 6 – “TS-19”

Well the final episode of season 1 was finally upon me. 6 glorious weeks of zombie-madness was about to come to an end in what I hoped to be an epic final episode full of zombies, and madness.

Episode 6: “TS-19” aired December 5th, 2010.

The Gist:
-There’s a heartwarming yet terrifying flashback. The survivors got drunk and had some warm showers. An AI sets the air on fire, while a survivor decides to stay and burn, rather than escape with the rest. Someone almost gets raped, and a zombie is decapitated.

The Good:
-I’m glad they killed off Jacqui (The token black lady). She was so very unimportant and seemed to only be there as the “token black lady”.
-The episode really made me feel bad for Jenner. I really wished he wouldn’t have died in a scorching fire-explosion.
-A zombie got decapitated. I’ve said it before, and I’ll constantly say it: Any time a zombie gets decapitated, it is a very good thing.
-The first season as a whole was a really positive viewing experience.

The Bad:
-Jenner died.
-The season is over.
-We have to wait longer than season 1 was on for, to watch season 2.
-Where the hell is Merle.

Recommendation: Watch this episode. But first, watch the 5 episodes before it. You won’t be let down (unless you’re really into the comics, then who knows – maybe you will be).

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