The Walking Dead: Episode 3 – “Tell it to the Frogs”

Tonight I sat down with a plate of home-made French Fries and some various dips, and watched some Zombies get destroyed.

Episode 3 – “Tell it to the Frogs”, aired November 14th, 2010.

The Gist:
Rick instantly gets reunited with his wife and son, yet decides to go back to the city to uncuff the racist (Merle) and get a duffle bag of guns. Shane, heartbroken that he can’t keep banging his best friends wife and raise his son – beats a misogynist while the women wash clothes and shriek in terror. Rick and his selected posse get to the top of the building only to find Merle’s bloody hand, but no Merle.

The Good:
– The scene where he is reunited with his family was a pretty emotional moment, and I like the fact that was at the beginning of an episode, rather the end of the last.
– Decapitation of a zombie. It’s always nice to see a zombie get decapitated on a TV show.
-I’m starting to like the actors they chose a lot better. They’ve grown on me, and I think they play their specific roles relatively well.
-I never thought about how good of a weapon a bow and arrow would be for a zombie apocalypse. Quick, silent, reusable ammo.

The Bad:
-The frequency of the commercials is fist-angering. I know that’s not really a knock on the show itself, but I’m including it anyways.
– The kid who plays Rick’s son.
-That looked like a terrible way to try and catch frogs. Him simply wading in the water to scare them toward shore would scare them away from it.
-The fact the first season is already halfway done.

Recommendation: Check it out.

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