The Tab: Week of Feb 28th, 2011

Welcome back to The Tab, your weekly checklist of upcoming releases in the week in geek. I realize this article has been on a brief hiatus, but we hope to have it back and running regularly now.

Video Games

A relatively light week for game releases. There’s not much on the retail level until Sunday when PokeMon Black and White hit the stores.

On the downloadable front, the final chapter in the Bit.Trip series is released today on WiiWare, and Wednesday sees the release of Beyond Good and Evil HD on XBLA.

Comic Books

The week is led off by Green Lantern 63, which serves as the prelude for the upcoming War of the Green Lantern event. Also over at DC, Brightest Day is racing to its conclusion after the shocking end of last issue, what does Brightest Day 21 have in store in fans? Gail Simone’s critically acclaimed, but I feel often under-rated, Secret Six kicks off a new arc after their crossover with the Doom Patrol in Secret Six 31.

On the Image front, Chew 17 hits the stands.

Marvel has a ton of great content out this week as well lead by Astonishing Thor #3. Heroes for Hire #4 is out this week as well. (Does it show I don’t read much Marvel, shall get someone to help me out with this next week!)


Not the biggest week for DVD or Blu-Ray releases, but it is championed by the release of the Oscar-nominated 127 Hours starring James Franco. Faster, Burlesque and The Bleeding are other movies rounding out the week in releases.

On the television front, Cake Boss Season 3 makes its way to your home as well as ReBoot season 1 and 2, and Leave it to Beaver season 6.

If you are into wrestling, Royal Rumble 2011 is also available this week.

That should do it for The Tab, watch for the formate/concept to change and evolve until we settle on something we like.

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