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Summer Movie Posters 2013

This summer film in the UK looked very promising, with a number of high profile, highly anticipated blockbusters set for release. Indeed, while some of them are truly great, others are just good, while others are just… well, bad…

Iron Man 3

Released to the public on 3 May and taking $1.2 billion worldwide at the box office, the third instalment begins in the almost immediate aftermath of the events of The Avengers and sees the titular hero’s alter-ego, Tony Stark, suffering from panic attacks following the apocalyptic events of that film.

No sooner has Iron Man finished helping to save the world, than we witness him face similarly apocalyptic calamity in this film, going head-to-head with Ben Kingsley’s evil Manderin.

Star Trek Into Darkness

The eagerly awaited sequel to the 2009 blockbuster prequel to the original Star Trek series, the crew return to Earth after a terrorist attack in London. According to Wikipedia, this film made $31.7 million in the world during its first weekend, which is significantly more than its predecessor. This film is not only visually spectacular, but also garnered critical praise, currently holding an 87% ‘fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A must-see for all Star Trek fans!

Fast and Furious 6

Have they not made enough of these films already? Quite frankly, while some had enough after the first installment, for many this franchise was the gift that kept on giving and giving and giving!

In this installment – thankfully the last — Agent Hobbs offers the crew full pardons in exchange for helping to catch another crew of criminals in London.

Man of Steel

This reboot is, in the opinion of many, much better than the awful Superman Returns and it has a great team and a brilliant cast. There is arguably a little too much crashing and banging in the last 30-40 minutes, but there is some great acting and some quality drama too, as well as some stunning imagery that will likely adorn many instant print posters on bedroom walls across the globe.

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