Comic Book Reviews – Mike’s Haul 7/3/13

Green Arrow #22 by Lemire & Sorrentino: With the success of Arrow, it must have been pretty obvious to DC that Green Arrow was a book that they needed to take full advantage of that success and the blank slate that is the New 52.  With Lemire & Sorrentino, they have done just that.  After an amazing issue that both wrapped up their first arc (as well as really the issues since #1) and set up what seems to be a large part of their first run, they dive in to their second arc with a dynamite first issue.  What seems to be their plan, at least for this arc, is to take elements from Grell’s Longbow Hunters, but modernize and contextualize it within the New 52 and a 21st century world. Lemire also seems to make Count Vertigo much more real, not just in background but also in mentality and powers.  Also, the new take on Shado is refreshing, and seems to put some of the ‘attributes’ of pre New 52 Oliver on his father which makes a Green Arrow fan like me hope for more classic Green Arrow cast members to show.

Review Score: 7 (out of 7)


Avengers #15 by Hickman, Spencer & Caselli: To start, I want to put it out there that I am a huge fan of both Hickman and Spencer. I also loved Caselli’s art & have since I’ve first encountered it on Secret Warriors. However, I’m getting really tired of this book in many ways. First, for a $3.99, 32 page book, we had 3 pages dedicated to recap, roster & writing credits.  We also had a two pages about a signal sent out from something we kinda know about to something we know might be important. Ridiculous.  I love what Hickman & Spencer does with Banner here, the intrigue with A.I.M. & the development of a character like Eden. However, I find that the huge roster is giving absolutely no time to develop any of them, Captain Universe seems more and more like a less like-able version of John’s Starman from his last J.S.A. run and Hyperion is just boring.  I also find it absolutely amazing that Spider-Man was able to change costume mid-fight between issues.  It’s unfortunate that this book is sorely out-shined by Hickman’s & Spencer’s other Avengers books.

Review Score: 3.5 (out of 7)


Batman Incorporated #12 by Morrison & Burnham: It’s a pity that this book didn’t publish twice a month, because the momentum of the Death of Damian has petered out a bit in the DCU, while this book treats Damian’s Death as if it was still new and raw.  We have the all out assault on Leviathan by Batman, while his allied have re-grouped (which they seem to have been doing for a while, ever since Knight & Robin died). We get an intense scene of Batman defeating most of Leviathan’s forces, especially a good look at the Heretic’s face, which seems to snap Batman back to reality.  We also get to see the depths that Talia has fallen, and how she has become more of villain than she ever was before.  We also have a mystery character who has been hinted at since before the New 52, and if this mystery character is who I think she is, will cause many questions for current Bat-book readers.  Or it’s Morrison not really caring about the New 52 🙂

Review Score: 6 (out of 7)


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