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Rumor: American Pie 4

Generally as a rule of thumb, we don’t really talk about rumors on this site or any of the podcasts. While it is fun to speculate and wade through tons of false information and misdirect, it really serves little purpose at the end of the day.

With that said, when I came across this rumor from The Wrap, I just wanted to talk about it. One is because American Pie to me and many others of my generation was that coming of age saga you all watched. We all knew who Stifler was, his mother and that one girl from band camp. I’m sure we quoted that movie ad nauseam and all that. Then came American Pie 2, which was cool but not as good and finally American Wedding, and we all had enough. The franchise disappeared from the public’s eye for a bit, but much like National Lampoon, got stuck on a bunch of Direct to Video movies, that loosely connected to the original trilogy (someone was a cousin of Stifler, Jim’s dad was a camp counselor, etc) but here we are more than 10 years later, and word is they want to do a reunion movie.

The gang reunites for a second slice of that pie.

While the first thing that comes to mind is anger and disappointment, it kind of makes sense. Of all the original stars, only Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother), Sean William Scott (tons of movies) and Tara Reid (though that is flaming out) have made a career for themselves. Eugene Levy is probably the only guy in Hollywood who doesn’t say no to a script. Oz was in the Street Fighter movie, and honestly the less said about that the better. And the rest, I can’t remember seeing in much at all. So yeah, it is nice to return to a role that bought you some type of fame, but the question then becomes who does this movie cater to?

Anyhow, we shall see what comes of this project, and have more on it when trailers and the like start dropping!

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