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Another Round: Video Game Momentum

Generally, we enjoy a good, spirited conversation on Twitter with our fans. Sometimes, the conversation branches out beyond one or two people, and we wanted a way to share that. This feature (if it works) would highlight some of our more notable conversations and responses.

This morning started off by posing a question to the audience, “But what drives you in games? What motivates you to see it through to the end?”

It was a question I was looking to pose for our Dual Wielding podcast, and I always love to hear the responses of our audience first. And the question came about when trying to think of what really motivates me to finish a game. Like what is the major factor behind wanting to see the end. Before I share my thoughts, here are some responses:

Depends on the game, really. For me, so long as I keep having fun with the game, that’d be motivation enough.” –Electrivirus├é┬á

Achievements. Before that, just the need to brag about seeing the ending.“- EvilPilgrim├é┬á

“├é┬áIf it’s an MMO: the community;my friends & the story. If it’s a single player game: my curiosity of a good story to see whats next├é┬á& the feel of how the basic mechanics work together. It’s interesting. ^_^” –LeGameJunkie├é┬á

Case-by-case basis. In some cases, the plot, others for satisfaction, others because I like the progression system (level ups, etc)” –TheSobaer├é┬á

In spite of things, fun. If I like playing it, I’ll carry on until I finish it ­čśŤ” –Daniel_Switzer├é┬á

Seeing how the story ends.”-ELynnSEpstein

The story, and the fun ability. I just wanna have fun. Plus achievements ­čÖé” –PatrickTNA

Fun gameplay. Sometimes a good story helps, but gameplay above all.“- Anthh0ny├é┬á

If the game is fun, I’ll finish it. Good story is nice too, but not necessary.WhaleyMax

Provocative questions I want answers to. Plot. NOT ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES.”- Moonsanim

And those are the answers we’ve gotten so far, feel free to respond on Twitter @GT_NOTR or just in the comments below!

Now I get to abuse a bit of my power, and not be forced to answer in 140 characters.

It took me a bit of thinking about this, but as much as I love a fun game, that’s not all it takes. Its the sense of wonder, of discovery that really pushes me. Just thinking about recent games that I’ve really loved, Kirby’s Epic Yarn and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker were two recent examples. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is an easy game (you can’t even die), but its sense of style and child-like wonder drove me to finish it. I got a bit giddy on the inside each time I finished a stage because I knew that I would be in for several treats. First, it was what happened after the stage. Each one offered an unique way to unfold the world map, which was a terrific step. Second, was the sense of what was next. There were no hard and fast rules in the game so you could be skating down a mountain in one level while romping through a Christmas Cabin in the next before being shot up into space. Simple stuff, but it kept me engaged throughout the game.

The other example was the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which still remains my personal favorite Zelda game. There’s a lot of reasons for it, like the art style, but there was also the sea. While it could be tedious to venture through at times, it gave you a real sense of excitement. You weren’t always sure where you were going or even when you would get there, but you needed to know. And there was always the off chance you may run into a hidden island or engage a fish in battle. Its again the little things that add up.

Anyhow, that’s my two cents!

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  1. ShawnS says:

    I missed this on Twitter so I’m answer here… and it’s basically your answer and everyone else’s; the feeling of seeing what happens next and where things go. I’ll also add for myself, I have a hard time not finishing a game I start. If I’ve already sunk any amount of time into it I should see it through. I can’t walk out on a movie and though it may take me years to get back to one, I can’t quit a game. Ok, I’ve quit some really bad ones but generally it holds true.

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